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Creamware Covered Jug and Cover with Orange Foliate Scroll Designs, Circa 1820.
British Pearlware Brown Dipped-ware Jug with Yellow and Orange Flower Decoration, Possibly Swansea, Circa 1820.
Set of Twenty Two Antler Austrian or German Roe Deer Trophies with Foliate Carved Backs.
Folk Art American Tramp Art Cabinet, A Drawer made in Burlington, Vermont,  Early 20th century.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Conchiglie Pattern Plate decorated with Sea Anemones, Urchins & Shells, Circa 1960-70's.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Astrological Zodiac Plate-Cancer,
Gli Zodiaci Farmacopei, No 8, Especially made for Crinos By Fornasetti
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Porcelain Oggetti Caccia Set of Six Plates with Hunting Objects, 1950s.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Dish with Three Musical Stringed Instruments, 1960s.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Fruit design- Sezioni Di Frutta Plate Depicting an Eggplant or Aubergine,  #2 in Series, 1960s.
Japanese Porcelain Dish of Unusual Form and Size, 19th Century.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Conchiglie Marine Life & Shell Plate, #4, 1960-70s.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Neiman Marcus 60th Anniversary Porcelain Plate & Neiman Marcus Box, 1967.
Antique English Pearlware Printed Blue & White Cockfighting Openwork Plate after H Alken, Circa 1820-30.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Plate with Coats of Armour, Armature Pattern, # 1 in Series, 1960
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Plate with Coats of Antique Armour, Armature Pattern,#4 in series, 1960.