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Vintage Piero Fornasetti Biscotti Plate-Trompe l'oeil Cookies on a Plate, #4., 1950's-1960's.
Martha Cahoon Painting of Still Life with Flowers.
Homemaker Pattern Plate designed by Enid Seeney for the Ridgway Potteries,  1960's.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Plate, Circa 1800.
Antique English Pearlware Peafowl Tankard, Circa 1800.
Chinese Export Rose Mandarin Dishes of Dragons chasing the Flaming Pearl, Circa 1820-40.
Antique English Pearlware Pottery Teapot  with Ermine Decoration, Circa 1790.
A Large Faux Marble Scale Tray by W. & T. Avery Birmingham, Circa 1890.
English Berlin Wool Needlework Picture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Circa 1840-60.
Antique English Leeds Pearlware Large Figure of a Stallion, Circa 1825-30.
Lover's Eye Miniature, Circa 1830.
A Set of Five French Lighting Stones (Dora) , by André Cazenave for Atelier A. Paris, Circa 1969-1975.
Antique English Pearlware Pottery Fox Head Stirrup Cups, Circa 1820-30.
French Faience Massive Shallow Basin in the style of Moustier, Edme Samson et Cie, Paris,Circa 1885.
An American Cast Iron Boston Terrier Door Stop, Bradley & Hubbard, Circa 1925.