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American Cast Iron Boston Terrier Door Stop, Bradley & Hubbard, Circa 1925.
American Five-Tier Shell- decorated Corner Stand , Circa 1880.
American Shellwork Standing Mirror in the Form of a Harp, Circa 1885
Mason's Ironstone Vase & Cover decorated in the Bandana Pattern, Circa 1825-45.
China Trade Watercolours of Fish on Pith Paper, Circa 1850
Folk Art Silk and Linen Picture of a Sailing Ship in Landscape, Circa 1930
German Noah's Ark with 91 Animals and Noah & his Wife, From the Erzgebirge Region, Circa 1880-1900
Swedish Cushion Cover (Agedyna) Southern Skane, Early 19th Century.
Thomas Willis large Silk and Canvas Painting of a Homestead, Circa 1885
Sailor's Woolwork-Woolie- of a Thames Barge with banner reading Harry & Nellie, Circa 1885-1900
Antique English Chamberlain Worcester Sea Shell Porcelain Basket and Cover with Gilt Seaweed-ground, Circa 1815-20
Pitcairn Island Wood Carving of A Flying Fish.
Pitcairn Island Wood Carving of A Flying Fish.
Antique English Prattware Pearlware Relief-moulded Plaque of Lions, Circa 1800.
Pitcairn Island Wood Carving of A Fish by Antony Young
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