20th Century
20th C. incl. mid-century designer Piero Fornasetti  

21st C. incl. Atelier Fornasetti & Barnaba Fornasetti

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Fornasetti Table Lamp from the 'Follia Pratica' (Practical Insanity) Series, Fornasetti for Antonangeli,
Piero Fornasetti Zodiac Plate Capricorn, 1963.
Piero Fornasetti Set of Eight Coasters Sezioni di Frutta Pattern,
Piero Fornasetti Specialità Milanese Set of Twelve Recipe Plates.
Vintage Piero Fornasetti Gold Adam & Eve Porcelain Plates, 1980s.
Couroc Tray with Tennis-subject- Love, Set & Match,
Piero Fornasetti Mesi & Soli Pattern, Twelve Suns, Twelve Months, Pair of Porcelain Plates.
Piero Fornasetti Set of Eight
Piero Fornasetti Opera Melodramma Coaster Set & Original Box, 1960s.
Vintage Botanical Porcelain Leaf Dishes.
Piero Fornasetti Mesi & Soli Pattern Plates, Twelve Suns, Twelve Months, Eight Porcelain Plates.
Piero Fornasetti Coasters with Original Gold Box in Mitologia- Mythology Pattern, (8 dishes).
Rosenthal Fornasetti Porcelain Plate, Temi e Variazioni- Themes and Variations, Motiv 24.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Porcelain Recipe Plate- Dragon Lizard-Au-Feu.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Porcelain Recipe Plate-Les Ioles-A Sausage Made From A Sweet Kid's Stomach.