20th Century
20th C. incl. mid-century designer Piero Fornasetti  

21st C. incl. Atelier Fornasetti & Barnaba Fornasetti

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Bucciarelli Milano Sea Shell Coasters, 1950s-60s.
Paul Evans Hanukkah Menorah, For Raymor, 1955.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Tortoise Risotto Plate, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti Gold  Appetizer Dishes on Original Tray,  Spiedi (skewers) Pattern, Early 1960s.
Vintage Culver Chantilly Pattern Forty Piece Glass Drinks Set. 1950s-early 60s.
Paul Evans Cityscape Drinks Bar, Paul Evans Studio for Directional, 1970s.
Piero Fornasetti Rare Dishes Decorated With Sea Anemones, Urchins & Shells, Conchiglie Pattern, Circa 1960's-early 1970's.
Mid-Century J Wade Beam for Brueton Tee Console Table. 1970.
Piero Fornasetti-Twelve Stoviglie Malachite Plates, 1950s-60s.
Piero Fornasetti Strumenti Pattern Metal Tray, 1950s-60s.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate- Snake A La Cleopatra, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Ostrich Eggs And Green Peppers Omelette, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Beautiful Soup, 1960s.
Piero Fornasetti Fleming Joffe Recipe Plate-Calcutta Minestone, 1960s.