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Miniature Wedgwood Creamware Leaf Dishes, Circa 1800
English Pottery Whieldon Milk Jug, Circa 1765-75.
English Pottery Whieldon Miniature Model of a Swan, Circa 1775-85.
English Creamware Giles Decorated Creamware Pottery Basket, Attributed to Melbourne, Circa 1775.
English 18th Century Creamware
Creamware Double Earthworm Large Mocha Jug, Circa 1800-20.
Swansea Creamware Rare Calendar Mug for the Year 1823.
Creamware Courtship & Matrimony Mug Printed in Puce, late 18th century.
English Creamware Large Jug Decorated with Rustic View of Farm, Circa 1785.
English Creamware Whieldon-type Melon Teapot, Circa 1775.
Continental Creamware Figural Cruet, Eastern Europe,  Late 18th Century.
Antique English Wedgwood Reticulated Creamware Set of Six Dessert Plates, Circa 1790.
Antique English 18th-century Derbyshire Creamware Large Leaf Dish, Circa 1785.
Antique English Wedgwood & Co. Creamware Nautical-subject Shipping Bowl, Circa 1785-1800.
Antique English Wedgwood Creamware Circular Hors d'oeuvres Dish or Pickle Tray, Circa 1790-1800.
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