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Scottish Creamware Large Jug Depicting The Columbus,
John Geddes' Verreville Glass and Pottery Works, Glasgow,
English Large Creamware Jug decorated with the
Whieldon-type Tortoise-shell Large Creamware Puzzle Jug,
English Pottery Creamware Openwork Plates, . (Set of Six)
English Creamware Dessert Service.
Pottery Creamware Hot Water Plate,
English Creamware Pottery Large Sailor's Farewell Bowl.
Miniature Wedgwood Creamware Pickle Leaf Dishes, Circa 1800.
English Pottery Whieldon Miniature Model of a Swan, Circa 1775-85.
English Creamware Large Jug Decorated with Rustic View of Farm, Circa 1785.
English Creamware Whieldon-type Melon Teapot, Circa 1775.
Italian Creamware Figural Cruet,  Late 18th Century.
Antique English 18th-century Derbyshire Creamware Large Leaf Dish, Circa 1785.
Antique English 18th Century Painted Polychrome Creamware Chinoiserie Tankard, Circa 1770.
Antique English Neale & Co Creamware Puce-decorated Sauce Tureen, Cover, Stand and Ladle, Circa 1780-5.
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