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Sailor's Woolwork of a Royal Navy Frigate,
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engravings of Exotic Plants (12)
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Melons-Melo reticulatus, Melons, Cantaloupe, plate 722
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Gourds
Johann Weinmann Botanical Engraving of Gourds & Melons-Melo viridis striatus et maculosus. Melo pepo croceus, melone. Melo pepo cortice oscure virescente,
English Stumpwork Flower Painting Mounted as a Table, Circa 1840-50.
English Sailor's Woolwork with Muliple Ships.
English Ship Painting of a Merchant Navy Clipper Ship, Circa 1870.
Sir Edwin Landseer R.A. Painting titled
Coaching Painting, John Cordrey Painting,
British Sailor's Woolwork of Four Ships off The Coast
Sailor's Woolie of Four Ships including an American Ship.
Miniature Sailor's Woolwork of a Paddle-powered Tugboat,
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Neptune Fully Dressed with Sailors on the Yardarms,
Sailor's Woolwork of a Merchant Navy Ship.
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