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British Sailor's Flag of Nations Woolwork, HMS Trafalgar, 91 Guns, Circa 1865.
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin, circa 1865.
Fine British Sailor's Woolwork of The Mary Ann, Circa 1870-80
Fran├žois Nicolas Martinet Engraving of A Bird, Merle violet du Royaume de Juda, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 1770-1786.
Fran├žois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,  Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 1770-1786, Set of Six, Circa 1770.
British Sailor's Woolwork of a Ship, Circa 1865-85.
British Sailor's Woolwork of a Bowspirit Thames Barge, Circa 1870.
William Conlon,
Johann Weinmann Set of Twelve Botanical Engravings with Plants in Pots, Circa 1740.
Sailor's Woolwork Picture of Royal Navy Frigate with Land in Background, Circa 1865.
Laddie John Dill Large Lithograph & Woodcut on Wove Paper, 1985.
Ink and Acrylic Painting By Virginia Dutton, Titled Torso, Signed & Dated Dalton 2015.
Large Sailor's Woolwork depicting the Troopship HMS Jumna and Battle Flags of the 82nd Regiment of Foot & the 40th Regiment of Foot. Circa 1881.
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie of The Royal Navy Ship H.M.S. Crocodile, 
A Euphrates-class Troopship, Circa 1875-90.
British Sailor's Woolwork of Tower Bridge & The River Thames, Circa 1894.
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