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Wall Art
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British Sailor's Woolwork of Four Ships off The Coast
Miniature Sailor's Woolwork of a Paddle-powered Tugboat,
George Edwards Set of Twelve Engravings of Birds.
Johann Weinmann Engravings of Plants & Flowers,
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Neptune Fully Dressed with Sailors on the Yardarms,
Sailor's Woolwork of a Merchant Navy Ship.
Sailor's Woolwork of the Royal Navy Ship HMS Hero.
Fine Feltwork Applique of Fruit and Parrot, English.

 Fine Feltwork Applique of Fruit and Parrot, English, Circa 1850.
Sailor's Woolwork of a Schooner-brig.
Francois Martinet Bird Engraving depiocting a  Martin pecheur Madagascar and a  Martin pecheur de Pondecherry.
Francois Martinet Framed Bird Engravings, Set of Six.
Francois Martinet Bird Engravings, Set of Six.
Set of  Francois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,
Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, (Twelve engravings).
Contemporary Feather Engravings, Pair, Milan, Italy.
British Sailor'.s Flag of Nations Woolwork, HMS Trafalgar, 91 Guns
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