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Set of  Francois Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,
Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux, (Twelve engravings), 1770-86.
Contemporary Feather Engravings, Pair, Milan, Italy.
British Sailor's Flag of Nations Woolwork, HMS Trafalgar, 91 Guns, Circa 1865.
Sailor's Woolwork of HMS Nankin, circa 1865.
François Nicolas Martinet Engraving of A Bird, Merle violet du Royaume de Juda, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 1770-1786.
François Nicolas Martinet Engravings of Birds,  Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 1770-1786, Set of Six, Circa 1770.
William Conlon,
Johann Weinmann Set of Twelve Botanical Engravings with Plants in Pots, Circa 1740.
Laddie John Dill Large Lithograph & Woodcut on Wove Paper, 1985.
Ink and Acrylic Painting By Virginia Dutton, Titled Torso, Signed & Dated Dalton 2015.
Sailor's Woolwork of Royal Navy Frigate Underway Off Coast, Circa 1870.
Sailor's Large Woolwork Woolie of The Royal Navy Ship H.M.S. Crocodile, 
A Euphrates-class Troopship, Circa 1875-90.
Sea Shell Pair of Engravings by Niccolo Gualtieri, Engraved by Antonio Pazzi & Giuseppe Menabuoni, 1742.
French Royal Painted Silk Textile Portrait, Marie Thérèse of France, Eldest daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Titled Madame Duc.  Angoulême.
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