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Wall Art
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School Girl Needlework Linen Sampler, Made by Elizabeth Spark, Finished June 7, 1803
Painted Silkwork Picture of a Milkmaid and Children, By V. Shakorley, Circa 1780-1800.
Duck Decoy Print By Arthur Nevin- Redbreasted Merganser, Beach Haven, NJ. 1935
Duck Decoy Print  By Arthur Nevin, Hooded Merganser Hen Decoy, Crisfield, Maryland 1935, Signed and number 23/150, Circa 1965.
Duck Decoy Print By Arthur Nevin- Mallard Hen Decoy, Bay Head, New Jersey.
Johann Weinmann Framed Engraving,, #645, Johann Jakob Haid, Circa 1740
Giovanni Battista Piranesi Massive Framed Etching of an Urn, Early 19th Century.
English Sailor's Woolwork Picture of HMS Euphrates. (woolie), Circa 1890.
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of a Royal Navy Frigate, Circa 1870.
Sailor's Woolwork (woolie) of a Royal Navy Ship, Circa 1865.
Sailor's Large Woolwork (woolie) of a Royal Navy Frigate with Trapunto Sails, Circa 1865
Botanical Sunflower Engraving,  Solis flos Peruvianus & Solis flos maior by Michael Bernhard Valentini from Vividarium Reformatum seu Regnum Vegetable, Franfurt 1719
Johann Weinmann Engravings of Sunflowers, #372 & 374, Circa 1737-45.
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