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Botanical Sunflower Engraving,  Solis flos Peruvianus & Solis flos maior by Michael Bernhard Valentini from Vividarium Reformatum seu Regnum Vegetable, Franfurt.
Johann Weinmann Engravings of Sunflowers, #372 & 374.
English Berlin Wool Needlework Picture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
China Trade Watercolour Set of Six Paintings of Vegetables on Pith Paper.
Large English Silk and Wool Portrait of Mother & Her Four Children, After John Hoppner R.A..
Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie of The Lowestoft Lugger, LT484, ,
Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie Picture of A Lowestoft Lugger,
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engraving of The Aloe Plant -Aloe Africana spinis rubris ornata.
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engraving of The Aloe Plant -Aloe Africana serrata humilis folio.
China Trade Botanical & Butterfly Watercolours on Paper in a Set of Four,
18th Century European Botanical Watercolour and Gouache Painting of Flowers. School of Redoute.
China Trade Watercolours of Fish on Pith Paper.
Johann Wilhelm Weinmann Engravings of Aloe Plants.
Niccolò Gualtieri Engravings of Sea Shells, A  Pair,
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