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Wall Art
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Chinese Export Bird Watercolours Paintings on Paper, Circa 1800-20.
German Lithograph of An Ancient Greek Vase, An Amphora, Plate VI  from the Folio Griechische Keramik by Albert Genick, Circa 1883
Sailor's Woolwork Woolie Picture of the Royal Yacht, HMY Victoria and Albert II, Circa 1855-65.
Ottoman Silkwork Large Textile Botanical Embroidery Depicting The Garden-like Setting of Heaven, Circa 1880.
Folk Art Felt Shadowbox Picture of Strawberries, Circa 1840.
French Sea Shellwork Picture, Circa 1820
Watercolour Drawing of a Royal Launching of a Royal Navy Ship, Circa 1820-50.
Woolwork Picture of An African Farm Scene, Circa 1880.
Sailor's Embroidered Woolwork Picture of Submarines- H.M.S. A1 and two others, Early 20th century.
Sailor's Emboidered Woolwork Picture of a Battleship with makers label
mid-20th century
Christening of the Prince of Wales Woolwork Picture,  Dated 1842.
Watercolour Picture of the Bellerophon, Dated 1855.
An English Portrait Miniature Profile of a man on board, Circa 1820-35.
Eglomise Painting  of a Family at Their Dinner Table, Signed Fihser, Sculp, Circa 1830-50.
A Continental Wax Portrait Miniature of a Officer from the Berlin Region, c.1795.
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